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Every season new products begin rolling in and I always find myself using something new!

 With a new Photoshoot on the way I’ve been in contact with new brands who are interested in the idea of collaboration! Multiple brands each shoot send their product for Oh Bella to give to our Models! In this post I want to discuss the befits or the products we received as well as the reasons I reached out to those specific companies. 


I chose to contact Knours skin after reading about their products on their website.


We all know that that external factors like exposure to sun and pollution speed up the aging process. And now, hormonal changes are being more carefully examined to reveal how important they are to skin health. For example, estrogens can increase hyaluronic acid in our body to maintain skin’s healthy fluid balance and structural integrity. On the other hand, testosterones are primarily responsible for thicker and oilier skin, as well as signs of skin aging. Knours’ idea is to put this knowledge to use for daily skin care routines.”  -Knours


You can read more about their products by clicking this link to their website:


The next company is called Zamala Natural. When speaking on her business Layla says, “ I began to look at the labels of these high-priced products and noticed that despite claims of purity and “all natural” properties, many of these products still contained preservatives.  I began to research whether there was a way to make even better products at home that were more effective, purer and did not need chemical preservatives.” 

What’s said above is something I totally have agreed with and love that she’s making a difference on the topic of “truly” organic skin care. 


Now Blume is a company that’s a little bit different than the ones we’ve previously talked about! Blume is an organic, plant-based, functional blends for your cup, mug, smoothie, oatmeal bowl and life!


They carry blends to help with things like sleep, anxiety, energy levels and stamina!

If you’re interested in learning more about their products visit:


Last but not least, Sweet Cheeks Organic Konjac Skincare was founded for those who struggle with sensitive skin! 

“Our mission is to bring you effective, organic skincare products with very few ingredients. We want you to experience beautiful skin through plants, flowers and a bit of ancient alchemy,” -Sweet Cheeks on


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