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Hey Ladies! ❤️

Im Bella the creator/ceo of Oh Bella Co!  I thought it would be fun to talk a little about Oh Bella and why I started it! I asked you girls on my Instagram to ask any questions you had about Oh Bella or about what it’s like having a start up business! So let’s get into it! 




“How Did You Start?”

  I get this question so often and surprisingly I find it hard to answer! Now that I’ve sat down and had time to think of it I’ve realized that starting began with not being afraid to put myself out there. The only thing stopping me from actually doing it was the fear of judgment or other people being uninterested. It was something I wanted so bad that I realized you’ll never know until you try. Now I know that when you’re passionate about something it seems to make people interested. 


”Do You Own This Business Yourself Or Do You Have Employees?”

 I don’t have any traditional employees but my business would not be possible if it weren’t for people like my amazing photographers, models, and family who help me make everything come together! 


“What Has Been Your Greatest Challenge So Far?”

 Sometimes I just want everything to be perfect and I get overwhelmed with all the things I need to do. I do everything from choosing designs, prices, and website organization to labeling, packing, and shipping but that’s not it... there’s organizing shoots, planning for pop ups, and figuring out the summer line. ( Not complaining though, I really love doing all of that!!)  I have a vision in my head and I get stressed trying to make sure it comes out just the way I see It and also wondering if you girls are going to like it. 


“How Did You Become Successful?”

I think the fact that my business has a purpose. It’s more than just selling things. My goal is to inspire somebody else and have fun. I’ve wanted to have a small business all my life so I researched and researched and pushed myself to just go for it. Every thing when it comes to Oh Bella is so enjoyable to me and I think that’s how the business continues to get positive feedback.  


 “What Inspires The Pieces In Your Line?”


Everything in the line is supposed to be inspired by me, myself ,and I. Lol! ( Hence the name 😂 )

Sometimes I find it hard to find clothing that fits my petite figure or clothing that’s cute and in my price range. I wanted to create something that could fix that problem for girls who felt like they had those same problems when shopping.

I don’t know the word that describes my style but theres large hints of vintage, I love the 80’s when it comes to fashion, everything cropped, girly, and comfortable! 



“In What Ways Has You’re Business Paid Off? ( Not Necessarily In Monetary Value)”

I have gotten to meet the sweetest most amazing people! That’s the part I love the most about having my business! The connections you make! I’ve met amazing photographers and I’ve also met other girls my age who have just the sweetest personalities! 



 “How Did You Gain A Supportive Client Base.”

  I feel very blessed to have gained such a supportive client base. I strongly believe that being a humble and real person is what makes people want you to succeed. I try to keep a steady head on my shoulders and never forget that there’s always more to learn. I really appreciate everyone who has supported my business in one way or another. Thanks girls! ❤️



Thank you to everyone who has asked questions over on my social media accounts! Hope you enjoyed!




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